Saturday, August 18, 2007

This Week's Project

As many of you know, I am patiently awaiting Josiah's birth-day anytime. Meanwhile I have been working on this project for our youth ministry. It is a postcard with a general calender for the year on it. The above is for the Jr. High Ministry and below is the one for Senior High. Brian of course helped me out a bit with them both and we are very pleased to have them completed and sent off to the printer! So even though I can't wait for our little one to make an appearance, I have still been able to be productive in the meantime. Also, we got to see our good friend Derek today for the first time since June when he left for a summer mission trip to Indonesia. He told us all about his trip, and even brought use some fun gifts! We're so glad you are home Derek!

Derek and a huge bat in Indonesia....

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