Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Post to My Mom

This post is dedicated to my lovely mother. The picture above is of her and the love her life (he's a postal worker, can't you tell?) Mike. My mom and I have not always had it easy and sometimes we've wanted to disown one another (and always for good reasons might I add), but my mom has always stuck with me and I am so thankful. Sorry it took so long for things to be smooth between us, but I wouldn't change anything if I had to do it over again because it has made us who we are and given us a bond that will never be broken nor fully understood by anyone else in the world. One thing is for sure, I know more than anything else that my mom loves me and would do absolutely anything for me if she thought it was in best interest. I am so glad that she is happy now with her sweet husband, and I couldn't be happier to have them less then a block away.
I think I really realized recently how attached I am to my mom when Brian applied for a very high paying job in Dallas. Neither one of us want to move away from Ruston but Brian asked me what it would take to convince me to move or what it was that I could absolutely not leave behind, and without even thinking, it was my mom.
So mom, thanks for being under appreciated my whole life. You have been a great mom and a great friend. I love you.

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Mom said...


Can you see my tears? You have no idea what that post did for my day and my life. And I agree, we have been through some stuff that satan meant to forever destroy us, but that God turned into an unbreakable bond just as you said. And you are right, I would die for you today if asked, just like I always would have. I am so grateful that you want me to be so involved in your wonderful growing family's life. I am so proud of you-it leaves me speechless.

I'll love you forever....I'll like you for always....forever I'll be...Your Mom.