Sunday, November 12, 2006

Girls Day Out
This weekend Kristi and I got to get out and shoot all day . It was the funnest day I have had in a while. Log Cabin for lunch, parks, pictures and Sonic drink later on, plus more laughter than we could handle at some points. Thanks for a great birthday Kristi!

Sometimes we have too much fun together.....

Childhood memories...if we had only known then!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Who is she?

My name- Crystal A. Garcia
My hometown- I moved around a lot, San Diego, Seattle...But I call Ruston, Louisiana "home."
My style- Fun and revealing.

If not a photographer I would have been a... Well since photography is not a business for me its a hobby, this question doesn't apply. However for your info I want to be a MOM!

My strength in my profession is... I laugh a lot!

My weakness in my profession is... wanting to give everyone everything they want.

A vendor you should know about... And

Something that is overrated in my industry... Digital editing-Do it right first, and stop covering up the uniqueness that makes people who they are!

3 things I bring with me on every shoot... My camera, a random fun object or jewelry, and a rag or Kleenex, you never know what I might need this for!

Where I get my inspiration from...Everywhere, especially Jenn Kilpatrick of Ever since she shot my wedding and I saw this pictures I have fallen in love with photography!

At 2 P.M everyday you can usually find me... checking my email and doing homework.

Something I'm still learning... Photoshop

One thing I can't part with... My camera, duh.

3 things you'll find in my purse... Arbonne Foundation, my Razor phone that makes me feel way more trendy that I actually am, and pictures that I either need to give people or ones that I want to show my friends.

Something that bores me... people that complain too much.

Something on my Christmas list... a gift card to B and H, an underwater camera, a pivoting flash, a flush mount album of my wedding, and a diamond ring!

Something you'll always find in my refrigerator...Sweet team and soy milk.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning...hit snooze and kiss Brian before telling him to get up.

One thing I am going to do this winter... decorate every square inch of my home for Christmas and go on a trip to play in the snow.

My snack at the movies...Sour Patch Kids

My best feature...My ability to make you feel like your butt is small.

What a Day
Last night and today were not great days for me. I had tons to do but I was extremely sick! And to top that off my kitten Cali got stuck in a tree. She was about 30 feet up in a pine tree with no branches between the one she was on and the ground. Our neighbors were nice enough to call one of their friends that had a ladder and climb up the tree and get her because apparently the fire department will no longer save kittens. As far as everything else, well I manage to just barely get my homework assignments in and that was about it! Hopefully tomorrow will be much more productive.

This is Cali after being rescue and then getting a bath since she wasn't smelling that great after spending all night outdoors.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Old Stuff
At the end of this past summer my Junior High small group got together for a swim party. They girls keep asking me about these pictures and I keep forgeting to get them printed for the youth room. Here are a few of them. We had tons of fun, as you can tell!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I Heart These Kids
Last week I was privileged enough to get to watch some of my favorite children while their mom went out to a meeting. We went to the park and got to play for a little while before it started raining. Once the rain hit we went under a shelter for a picnic lunch. Here's a glimpse into our day.