Friday, August 03, 2007

Friends, Henna, Bellies, Babies, and Pictures......Life is Good!
This past week has been fun and interesting. To start with, I went to Jackson, MS last weekend to spend what will probably be my last "Girls Weekend" away from home for a while. I stayed with my good friend Allyson and she did Henna art on my belly, it was so much fun and Josiah liked it so much he kicked through it all!

Yesterday Allyson came to Ruston and surprised me with an awesome painting to hang in Josiah's room! It is a really cute picture of a rocket ship, she did so great and all in one night!

Also, Jenn came over this week to photograph my decorated belly this are just two of my favorites, Jenn is just amazing.
Photograph By

Photograph By:

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, only 1 centimeter dilated and I am still having mild contractions at night mostly. This is actually great news because typically people have shorter labors when they have had lots of Braxton Hicks ahead of time to prepare their bodies! After my appointment I went to over to babysit the O'Leary's while John and Ashley caught a movie. I was a little sad that the kids slept pretty much the whole time, but McKenzie did wake up a few minutes before her mom and dad came home so I could snap some pics!

Then last night Brian and I went to a Crazies meeting, which are always so much fun. All the photographers shot each other since many times when you are always taking pictures you are never IN them. It was hot outside but I had a ton of fun. I actually didn't shoot too much, I really enjoyed watching and learning from everyone there though.

Well, thats all for today. Come back soon!

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