Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I haven't posted in forever! So sorry, not like anyone has been missing them I'm sure since all of five people know that this exists. Anyways, I had a great weekend, got to see lots of friends and I got some more painting done around the house. I also got a WONDERFUL present from one of my best friends Kristi Cherry! It is a whole book of maternity photography, and it is AWESOME! Jenn and I had so much fun looking through it! Speaking of, Jenn's house is so beautiful I got to go help her clean a little yesterday. This past week Jenn was nice enough to help me with my camera (she's so sweet!) and I have made a commitment both to my camera and to Jenn that I will only shoot completely manual with my camera. I did it Sunday and I loved it was hard at first but it felt so good. Here are some pics from the weekend!