Friday, June 30, 2006

Today I got a 14 day free trial to I am building a family tree for Brian and I and it's fun. I love the feeling I get when I find a family member! I think it's the only reason I use MySpace-because I like to feel connected with people that I'm too far away from to see or people that I'm related to that I never got to meet. My side of the family tree is not very big, since my mom is adopted and there was an unregistered name change on my dad's side. But Brian's side has been in America way longer than I would have expected and I have been able to find several of them. So no deep, complex discussions for today just enjoying family history and love'n life!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

So here I was yesterday, bragging about my new camera and it broke last night. So what lasts anyways, only in our salvation and the Creator God. Certainly not this blog, why I 've had three so far and I've take them all off line after a short time, plus my xangas. It's as if I start writing because I think I might have something good to say and then later, looking back it wasn't as great as I might have hoped. Oh well, on to better things. Had Jr. High Youth last night, played an awesome game called "Cold Feet" where the kids sit in a chair and stick one foot inside a bucket of ice water and try to get as many Swedish fish out from the bottom as possible in 45 seconds- I know you're now wishing you could have been there to play as well, and you are right it was great fun. Our lesson talked about families and conflicts with parents. We had good conversations about the way families are different and parents are humans and they aren't perfect yet God asks us to honor them anyways. The girls seemed attentive and interested. I can't wait for small groups to start so we can really did deeper. Although I have found my new youth role somewhat stretching I find myself wishing I could keep all the kids this age until they are old enough to be adults. I know that right now and very soon they are going to be face with so many life decisions, many them are not ready to make some of these decisions, but they all seem so open to love and faith in Christ, I pray that God will help me as I do my best to lead them towards him and that the Holy Spirit will consume them in this time of growth.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I got a camera yesterday, even though it was Brian's birthday and not mine! My husband is so sweet, he postponed buying a new computer so that he could buy me the camera of my dreams. On another note my honey turned twenty-one yesterday! We ate out and had a romantic evening at home. Tonight we will go out with his parents to eat and see Superman.
So today's hot topic will be business. If Jesus said that His way is easier and lighter (Matthew 11:30) then why is it that Christians seemed to be some of the busiest, stressed out people around? I believe it is because we cannot seem to get it through our heads that what is important to us is not always important to the Savior of the World. Meaning that, many of the things that we feel are important, things that we spend our lives doing, are like leaves and will blow away with the wind. In the end there is heaven or hell and what matters is not only getting to heaven, but taking as many people who will accept Christ with us and living our lives here on earth abundantly (John 10:10). So my mission: that everything I do be to bring people into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Lord knows the number of hairs on our heads (Matthew 10:30) and yet we cannot know how many days He has given us on this earth(James 4:14). That is spectacular! A God who knows every little thing about us and yet shields us from the future so that we might live for today. We are always saying that we will do this or that when we graduate, when the kids are out of the house, or whatever, but God gave us today and tomorrow has not been promised to us, so live for today. I now feel immune to people commenting about my age, being married, or whatever it is that I'm doing that doesn't set well with the world because I won't turn twenty until November. I will live for my Savior, love my husband, and serve others. I will follow His voice and not yours, I will walk in His ways even though they are not my own and I will love every moment because He has created me for His purposes and I will thank Him that they are not ours.