Thursday, August 16, 2007

He Will Come When He Is Ready
In case you are wondering, and are one of only a select few of you who haven't called me to ask when I am being induced, I am still pregnant! And to make things absolutely clear, I am having natural birth and do not plan to be induced unless medically necessary; meaning other than being past my due date. And quite frankly, I am really fine with it, I have been enjoying some down time since nothing was scheduled for this week since I was due Tuesday. I believe that when your body and your baby are ready, labor will come and that it when you can expect the best outcomes. Everyone else seems to be way more impatient about the whole process than I am, which is weird but I am beginning to be used to it now. Brian and I are just asking God for a healthy baby, and a smooth delivery and we believe that God will make that happen in his time. Thanks to all of you who have called to check on me, and even those of your who have called the hospital and been confused way I wasn't there. I will be sure to text or call you all when there is any news. As it stands I have had a few minor contractions everyday, I am pretty much fully effaced have done a little dilating as well. Josiah just has not dropped down into my pelvic bone yet and so I am still high. Hopefully my next post will be telling about Josiah and his birth, that came just at the right time.

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