Sunday, August 26, 2007

Josiah Blaze Garcia is here!

We have uploaded pictures and video at his brand new birth blog.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is a wonderful video that demonstrates a newborn infant's ability to find and latch on to the breast for his first feeding unassisted. I am sorry if this is too graphic as it does show a breast, but I think it is absolutely beautiful and I couldn't help but share it!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

This Week's Project

As many of you know, I am patiently awaiting Josiah's birth-day anytime. Meanwhile I have been working on this project for our youth ministry. It is a postcard with a general calender for the year on it. The above is for the Jr. High Ministry and below is the one for Senior High. Brian of course helped me out a bit with them both and we are very pleased to have them completed and sent off to the printer! So even though I can't wait for our little one to make an appearance, I have still been able to be productive in the meantime. Also, we got to see our good friend Derek today for the first time since June when he left for a summer mission trip to Indonesia. He told us all about his trip, and even brought use some fun gifts! We're so glad you are home Derek!

Derek and a huge bat in Indonesia....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Post to My Mom

This post is dedicated to my lovely mother. The picture above is of her and the love her life (he's a postal worker, can't you tell?) Mike. My mom and I have not always had it easy and sometimes we've wanted to disown one another (and always for good reasons might I add), but my mom has always stuck with me and I am so thankful. Sorry it took so long for things to be smooth between us, but I wouldn't change anything if I had to do it over again because it has made us who we are and given us a bond that will never be broken nor fully understood by anyone else in the world. One thing is for sure, I know more than anything else that my mom loves me and would do absolutely anything for me if she thought it was in best interest. I am so glad that she is happy now with her sweet husband, and I couldn't be happier to have them less then a block away.
I think I really realized recently how attached I am to my mom when Brian applied for a very high paying job in Dallas. Neither one of us want to move away from Ruston but Brian asked me what it would take to convince me to move or what it was that I could absolutely not leave behind, and without even thinking, it was my mom.
So mom, thanks for being under appreciated my whole life. You have been a great mom and a great friend. I love you.

He Will Come When He Is Ready
In case you are wondering, and are one of only a select few of you who haven't called me to ask when I am being induced, I am still pregnant! And to make things absolutely clear, I am having natural birth and do not plan to be induced unless medically necessary; meaning other than being past my due date. And quite frankly, I am really fine with it, I have been enjoying some down time since nothing was scheduled for this week since I was due Tuesday. I believe that when your body and your baby are ready, labor will come and that it when you can expect the best outcomes. Everyone else seems to be way more impatient about the whole process than I am, which is weird but I am beginning to be used to it now. Brian and I are just asking God for a healthy baby, and a smooth delivery and we believe that God will make that happen in his time. Thanks to all of you who have called to check on me, and even those of your who have called the hospital and been confused way I wasn't there. I will be sure to text or call you all when there is any news. As it stands I have had a few minor contractions everyday, I am pretty much fully effaced have done a little dilating as well. Josiah just has not dropped down into my pelvic bone yet and so I am still high. Hopefully my next post will be telling about Josiah and his birth, that came just at the right time.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Chandlers
Our good friends, Jennifer and Wil Chandler are moving to Dallas and we are sad to loose them! We are however excited that about Wil's new job and the prospect of getting to visit them in Dallas. Yesterday we got together to snap a few pictures and then we headed over to the Kilpatrick's house for Britton's awesome jambalaya!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Friends, Henna, Bellies, Babies, and Pictures......Life is Good!
This past week has been fun and interesting. To start with, I went to Jackson, MS last weekend to spend what will probably be my last "Girls Weekend" away from home for a while. I stayed with my good friend Allyson and she did Henna art on my belly, it was so much fun and Josiah liked it so much he kicked through it all!

Yesterday Allyson came to Ruston and surprised me with an awesome painting to hang in Josiah's room! It is a really cute picture of a rocket ship, she did so great and all in one night!

Also, Jenn came over this week to photograph my decorated belly this are just two of my favorites, Jenn is just amazing.
Photograph By

Photograph By:

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, only 1 centimeter dilated and I am still having mild contractions at night mostly. This is actually great news because typically people have shorter labors when they have had lots of Braxton Hicks ahead of time to prepare their bodies! After my appointment I went to over to babysit the O'Leary's while John and Ashley caught a movie. I was a little sad that the kids slept pretty much the whole time, but McKenzie did wake up a few minutes before her mom and dad came home so I could snap some pics!

Then last night Brian and I went to a Crazies meeting, which are always so much fun. All the photographers shot each other since many times when you are always taking pictures you are never IN them. It was hot outside but I had a ton of fun. I actually didn't shoot too much, I really enjoyed watching and learning from everyone there though.

Well, thats all for today. Come back soon!