Monday, October 30, 2006

Meet Al
This is one of my best friends, Allyson or Al for short since she is (hehe). We hung out in Jackson, Mississippi a while back and here are some of the pics I happened across on my computer today.

Today is a day that I am so thankful for friends, for without them I think I would become a recluse because of family. Families, it seems are the worst communicators. They beat around the bush, accuse, judge, and scowl with at every occasion. I wonder why I prefer my friends.... I wish that they would just be honest but kind in their speech.
I am contemplating how I can leave everything behind and take Brian and travel the world photographing pregnant women with their Big Bellies (haha) and babies coming into the world. And on that note, why do some people seem to live on this earth to suck passion out of everyone else's life? If you are passionate about something then do it and do it in the way that fulfills the desires of your heart. What one should not do is see a man's passion and try to have that same passion or do what that man does but without passion. For the passionate man may become drained when he sees what others have done with his dreams. Live your life because there is plenty for everyone and do not seek to be known in the world or to know about what everyone is doing it is pitiful and makes you look foolish.
Well I do believe that is my venting for today, I hope that you read this and become offended if you feel as if this was directed at you, since because of your vanity it is.