Thursday, July 06, 2006

Seems like a hard time for friendships. All my best friends are either gone or leaving soon, Brittany to Pine Cove to work, Claire to Liberia to serve, Allyson to wherever the wind seems to blow her, and Ashley to Malawi for the rest of the summer. New friendships seem hard and tainted by fabrications and selfish ambitions. Lord today hear my heart cry out for those whom I love that are far away from me. Bless their hands to do Your work, bless their hearts to know you and keep them safe Lord. And Lord, while they are gone make me affective right here where I am, help me to honor you by leading junior high students into a life that is souly seeking after you. Help me come more and more out of my comfort zone and into your presence. And Lord, forgive me for all my selfish way, for you are Holy and I am not. Amen.
P.S. And Lord, move me.........

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