Monday, July 23, 2007

My Sunday Afternoon

I don't have much to write about so I think I will just report about my Sunday. Brian and I had a fabulous lunch at the O'Leary's house with some of our friends in our small group. We all had a great time watching Maddox and McKenzie eating chicken nuggets and playing together ( or rather, side by side). After lunch I met Allyson McAbee and he mom at the Binns house for swimming and lounging in the pool. This was followed by us all eating Fried Green Tomatoes and other yummies, complements of our favorite, Grammy. By this time our very own Zach Binns joined us and then Al, Zach and I headed out for TCBY and to my house to meet up with Brian and make Allyson join this century and get a Facebook. Fun times were had by all and we eventually end up back at Grammy's house to watch several episodes of our favorite show, The Office and freshly baked smore's cookies. After way more laughter than what I am typically used to Brian and I headed home at 3:15 AM. Now I am attempting to stay away during my eight o'clock class just 5 hours later........ Oh the excitement of my life! Thanks for a fun night guys, food, fun and friends, a great combination!

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