Friday, November 10, 2006

Who is she?

My name- Crystal A. Garcia
My hometown- I moved around a lot, San Diego, Seattle...But I call Ruston, Louisiana "home."
My style- Fun and revealing.

If not a photographer I would have been a... Well since photography is not a business for me its a hobby, this question doesn't apply. However for your info I want to be a MOM!

My strength in my profession is... I laugh a lot!

My weakness in my profession is... wanting to give everyone everything they want.

A vendor you should know about... And

Something that is overrated in my industry... Digital editing-Do it right first, and stop covering up the uniqueness that makes people who they are!

3 things I bring with me on every shoot... My camera, a random fun object or jewelry, and a rag or Kleenex, you never know what I might need this for!

Where I get my inspiration from...Everywhere, especially Jenn Kilpatrick of Ever since she shot my wedding and I saw this pictures I have fallen in love with photography!

At 2 P.M everyday you can usually find me... checking my email and doing homework.

Something I'm still learning... Photoshop

One thing I can't part with... My camera, duh.

3 things you'll find in my purse... Arbonne Foundation, my Razor phone that makes me feel way more trendy that I actually am, and pictures that I either need to give people or ones that I want to show my friends.

Something that bores me... people that complain too much.

Something on my Christmas list... a gift card to B and H, an underwater camera, a pivoting flash, a flush mount album of my wedding, and a diamond ring!

Something you'll always find in my refrigerator...Sweet team and soy milk.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning...hit snooze and kiss Brian before telling him to get up.

One thing I am going to do this winter... decorate every square inch of my home for Christmas and go on a trip to play in the snow.

My snack at the movies...Sour Patch Kids

My best feature...My ability to make you feel like your butt is small.

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